Your Voice
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Your Voice, Your Brand.

Branding is the emotional positioning of your product and company as perceived by your customers product name and logo, use of colour, text, graphics, and sound, the style of various other design elements, marketing, and most importantly, the attributes of the product experience itself. Branding is used to differentiate a product from its competition.

It is vital to get the voice of your brand right in order to communicate exactly what you are trying portray.

It can be a journey of development, identifying your key audiences and remaining authentic through the process can be a tough trial and error experience. This is why it is so important to your foundation right, so you can always come revert to the vision.

The key to your voice, is vision. Expressing vocally, by the portrayal of your brand of what you visualise and can shout from the rooftops. If you cant see your vision, you will have no voice.

Therefore, write the vision, document it and make it your goal so you can run with it even through the distractions, advice, tweaks and challenges.