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Listed Private Equity Debates | United Kingdom

We produced conferences and capital raising meetings between companies (micro/small/ mid/large caps, equity/real estate/hedge/PE funds, funds of funds) and over 3,000 institutional investors.


LiveNation | Australia, UK & Holland

Providing official PR services and promotion for LiveNation events via HDJ Music.


Barclays Bank | United Kingdom

We contributed to the operations of various projects throughout Barclays Investment Bank.


Tour de France Fan Parks | United Kingdom

We built experiential concepts around the 3 locations, managed sponsorships and VIP sales as well as organised the entertainment, logistics for the 500 thousand foot fall event.


Professor Jimmy Choo | Australia

We covered the fashion icon's event at Queensland Tafe interviewed Professor Jimmy Choo for Multipotentialite Intl.


Silverchef | Australia

We project managed the development of the “dealer portal” finance approval system, enabling customers to request up to 65k in 4 mins.


Beyonce | Netherlands

We produced major events for artists including Beyonce, Lil Kim, Eminem and Eve. Working closely with Universal Sound Projects in Holland.


The Hit Music Factory | Australia

We work closely with The Hit Music Factory contributing to production and writing for the publishing company.


Natasha Bedingfield | United Kingdom

We provided management services and administration for Natasha Bedingfield in the US, UK and Mexico.


Global Angels Awards | United Kingdom

Providing live media updates from the award featuring: Nicole Sherzinger, Joss Stone, Leona Lewis and Natasha Bedingfield


Bluesfest | Australia

We covered Australia's largest Blues Festival on behalf of HDJ Music Ltd. Broadcasting event highlights and news.


J Marie Cooper | International

We were the talented former voice contestant's co-management, accompanying her on EU tours.


P&O Britannia Launch | United Kingdom

We were behind the pre-launch of the P&O Britannia ship. Featuring a reconstructed warehouse mimicking the real ship and activities at Fishermans Wharf in London.


RNB Fridays | Australia

We are official media covering Australia's biggest RNB party, the RNB Fridays Live series on RnB behalf of HDJ Music Ltd. Broadcasting event highlights and news.


Dr Barbara Kubicka | United Kingdom

We managed and produced PR events for the female GT drivers racing career.


Multipotentialite | Australia & United Kingdom

We were responsible for launching the Multipotentialite UK event in Soho London.


London Fashion Week | London

We have provided PR and media coverage for London Fashion Week since 2014.


LADO RADA Life | International

We managed the development of the online shop and content, and branding concept.


The Xfactor | United Kingdom

Providing talent and extras for the live show.


A&R Management | United Kingdom | Spain

Artist Repertoire and development management for Hybrid the artist.


Deutsche Bank AG | London

We were contracted to provide support in the infrastructure department contributing to various DB internal and external events.

Nexar Linkedin

NEXAR Music | United Kingdom

A&R for the Nexar Music label to find talent to sign and develop.


The Soundbank Launch | United Kingdom

Events project manager and for The Soundbank's successful launch in 2021.

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WILD | United Kingdom 

Provided negotiations and logistics for venue and event location of the WILD event.

Set times Ends Sun

ENDS FESTIVAL | United Kingdom

Provided PR, news, and produced content for the London festival.


DARA | United Kingdom 

Provided Digital PR Marketing for the release of 'Mamacita' by singer DARA.


Shodement | United Kingdom 

Head of Campaigns at Shodement

global future

Global Future | London

Project Management for the Business Psychology firm specialising in senior executive profiling, for companies such as DIAGEO, Nationwide Bank, The Body Shop, and Sainsbury's.

Soundbak team

The Soundbank | London

Managed The Sound Bank, London's 24-hour creative urban hub. A unique space designed exclusively to host of creative opportunities including recording studios, live streaming locations, photo studios, podcast studios, meeting rooms and visual production studios.


Natori Blue | USA

Managed the artist Natori Blue based in Austin, Texas.

633 | London

Managed the group consisting of producer Eugenious and Jevanni Letford.